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Real Property

Because of land's significance to the Montana way of life, you may find yourself encountering legal issues in your relationships with land - most notably in transactions involving land, in your uses of land, and in disputes that deal with land. Our firm has a history of assisting clients from all walks of life in handling their land matters.

When it comes to land transactions, it is important to keep in mind that no two clients and no two pieces of land are alike. For this reason, our firm strives to tailor the terms of the transaction to the specific people and property in question, whether the deal involves the purchase and sale of land, an easement for use of another's land, a land exchange, the use of land to secure a financial arrangement, or the leasing of land.

One of the most significant aspects of land ownership is the use of the land itself. Our clients call upon us to assist them in understanding the uses that can and cannot occur on a particular piece of land. For example, a land use may be restricted by covenants, easements, deeds, mortgages, or other contractual terms that have been placed upon it; a parcel of land may or may not be capable of subdivision; and a land use may be regulated by local, state, and even federal laws. Clients also seek our representation in advocating or opposing land development proposals that are submitted to local governing bodies for consideration.

With land may also come the unfortunate land dispute. Our firm has a litigation team that represents clients in various contested matters such as questions of access to land, boundary location issues, land ownership challenges, or disputes over contracts dealing with land. We also assist clients in enforcing land use restrictions or resolving disputes with city or county governments that regulate land use. Finally, our firm guides clients through matters involving liens or other written "instruments" placed on the land to secure payment of a debt, including the foreclosure and land sale process.

Whether your matter involves a land transaction, land use, or land dispute, you may wish to seek legal representation to ensure your interests are adequately protected.