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Practice Areas

Environmental and Natural Resources

We are blessed to live in a beautiful state, but preserving Montana’s natural resources often invites significant government regulation. There are numerous federal and state agencies that regulate the interactions between Montanans and the environment. The rules promulgated by these agencies are often complex, and attorneys at the firm have the experience necessary to assist you when dealing with these rules. We strive to help our clients comply with these laws, prevent litigation, and develop compliance strategies that are cost-effective, practical, and reliable. We have helped a variety of clients with environmental issues, including small businesses, farmers, ranchers, energy companies, and land owners.

Our attorneys can assist you in a number of transactional capacities, such as interpreting a new rule, negotiating a mineral lease, siting a wind energy project, obtaining a necessary permit or certification, developing a piece of property, resolving a property dispute, or completing a water rights transaction. We are knowledgeable about the area in which we live and the industries located here, and can counsel our clients about the business, technical, monetary, and legal repercussions of a transaction or important decision.

Our attorneys have represented clients before state and federal administrative agencies in a variety of capacities. We have experience dealing with agencies such as the Montana Department of Environmental Quality; Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation; Department of Agriculture; Environmental Protection Agency; Forest Service; and Bureau of Land Management.

When necessary, our trial attorneys have also represented clients before state and federal courts, in both civil and criminal matters, obtaining favorable results.