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Practice Areas

Agricultural Law

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Montana and represents the single largest industry in the state. Church, Harris, Johnson & Williams, P.C. has been representing farmers and ranchers for seven decades. Our representation of agricultural clients involves the interpretation and application of federal and state laws which apply specifically to agriculture, together with other general areas of law as they apply to the unique issues faced by farmers and ranchers.

Our attorneys are skilled in the sale and purchase of agricultural business and lands, water rights, development rights, zoning and government farm programs.

Montana agricultural clients often times use various operating structures to conduct business. Our attorneys are highly trained in the formation and operation of family farm limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships.

Agricultural law also encompasses many unique commercial transactions. The Firm is able to apply the Uniform Commercial Code to specifically represent farmers and ranchers and their lenders answering questions related to financing arrangements, secured transactions, collection actions and bankruptcy.

Many members of the Firm also have masters degrees in taxation. Those attorneys specialize in tax issues relating to farmers and ranchers. Federal and state income tax laws contain many provisions specially created for the agricultural community. We bring those provisions to light so that our clients can take full advantage of the related tax savings. In addition, we are experts in estate planning and helping the farm or ranch pass from one generation to the next, recommending the most tax efficient and practical techniques available. Our attorneys are highly skilled at drafting and implementing estate planning devices such as Family Limited Partnerships, Revocable Living Trusts, Wills and Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts.

As you can see Agricultural Law encompasses many diverse legal areas. Our attorneys have chosen to live and work in Montana and are well versed with its legal landscape.